Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space with a Maintenance Free Water Feature

Your vision of the perfect place to be at peace is possible! There are endless possibilities for an outdoor space that brings peace into your life. Make your dream home a reality with a minor and easy-to-maintain waterscape feature. Whatever your property looks like and however much space you have, there will be a delightful fountain that fits your style and budget.



Why A Fountain?

Why travel to an expensive resort or hotel to get the best relaxation experience? Instead, you can make your backyard or front yard into a place you want to escape to, and it will only be a few steps away.


The visual appeal and soothing sounds of a water feature will make working in your garden a pleasurable experience. Or, you can place a fountainscape anywhere on your property to create a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space. 


Types of Fountains

There are many different types of fountains, and if you were to be asked to picture a fountain, you would probably picture a tiered fountain. These popular garden fountains pump water to the uppermost tier which then cascades down to the bottommost tier.


Another common and popular fountain is a wall fountain, where the fountain is built into the side of an existing wall. Many fountains feature different humans or animals, sometimes mystical in nature.


In recent years, urn fountains have been rising in popularity. Urn fountains commonly stand on a bed of stones with water flowing up from the inside and spilling out onto the stones below.


Elevate the Value of Your Home

Walking through the front door is your first step to shedding stress when you come home from a busy day at work. It is essential to dropping off your worries and tasks at the door to enjoy your time off the clock entirely. 


A fountain on the walkway up to your door would be the perfect way to signal your mind that it is time to relax. Every day when you pass by the running water, it will be a sign to be at peace. You can encourage your guests to leave their worries at the door, too, when you have a fountain in the front yard.


Also, a fountain is a stylish and romantic addition to the value of your property. Finally, a fountain would encourage future homebuyers to appreciate the home. 


Create your oasis, and you’ll never have to travel somewhere else to get that relaxed feeling. You won’t need to escape the stresses of everyday life with a weekend getaway when you can sit out in your yard and admire the lush greenery and flowing water. At Midsouth Ponds, we have options that fit your style and space with low maintenance costs.