Grass Carp: How Does It Help in Controlling Aquatic Vegetation

For pond owners, addressing aquatic vegetation is essential to overall pond health. Grass carp are an excellent option for keeping aquatic weeds and algae under control. They provide an affordable, long-lasting, and non-chemical solution to the problem of aquatic plant overgrowth. The guide below from Midsouth Ponds will help you determine whether grass carp are […]

4 Steps to Maintaining a Pond

pond surrounded by flowers with lily pads and a fish sculpture

If you already have a pond installed, read these tips about making maintenance effortless and breezy this spring.  Spring is the perfect time to start maintenance on your pond. These 4 steps will help you check off some tasks on your spring cleaning list to help keep your pond healthy and attractive.  Check on Your […]

What You Need to Know About Your Pond Water

A pond can be a beautiful way to connect with nature right in your very yard. But, if a pond gets full of leaves and debris, it can look unattractive and be an eyesore. So, regular cleaning is necessary to keep your pond looking great.  It can be tedious to scrape out fallen leaves and […]