4 Steps to Maintaining a Pond

pond surrounded by flowers with lily pads and a fish sculpture

If you already have a pond installed, read these tips about making maintenance effortless and breezy this spring. 

Spring is the perfect time to start maintenance on your pond. These 4 steps will help you check off some tasks on your spring cleaning list to help keep your pond healthy and attractive. 

Check on Your Pond Regularly

The best thing you can do for a healthy pond is checking on it every week. 

Keep an eye on leaks by studying the water level. If there is a sudden decrease in the water level, there may be a leak. However, a little evaporation is normal. So, all you have to do is sit by your pond to eye the water level!

Go over your pond’s primary functions, like the pump and the filter. A pond pump and a pond filter help circulate the water and keep it clean and clear. You won’t have to spend as much time manually clearing out leaves and debris if you regularly clean the skimmer and ensure the filter and pump are working correctly.

When you check your pond regularly, you will know right away if there is an issue or a break, and you can fix it yourself or call in help. However, if problems are left too long, it can cause health issues in fish and plants.

Keep Debris Out of Your Pond

There are a few ways you can keep your pond surface clear.

Shade from trees is ideal for keeping the pond at a reasonable temperature and preventing too much evaporation. But, trees drop leaves and needles into the water that are unsightly and, if left, can sink to the bottom and decompose. The decaying process disrupts the pond’s ecosystem and makes it hard for plants and fish to thrive.

You can install a trap net to catch falling leaves and sticks. Or, you can trim your trees back to allow more sunlight to reach your pond. Plants in the pond need plenty of sunlight to grow.

Grow Water Plants

Summer is the ideal time to introduce new plants to the pond, so now is an excellent time to think about what plants will be most beneficial to your pond.

Aquatic plants help filter the water and keep it clean. Also, plants that float on the pond surface provide shade for fish and keep the water temperature at a reasonable level in the hot summer months.

Algae is a plant that needs to be controlled. Too many algae can prevent sunlight from reaching the other plants. However, fish eat algae, and fish need both algae and other plants to eat.

The right balance of oxygenating plants works together to create a system that flushes out toxins and makes a lush scenery to admire. 

Spring Cleaning

To encourage your aquatic plants to grow right when the warm weather starts so they’ll become lush and green, remove any dead plants or excessive foliage. In addition, there may be leaves and muck left over from the fall that will be hard to get out of your pond. Muck out yourself with a vacuum, or if there is a lot of sludge to get out, drain your pond and shovel out the bottom to start fresh. 

Hire a professional to help you maintain your pond if you don’t want to get your boots wet. We are always available to help clean, support, and repair your pond.

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