How to Keep Your Memphis, TN Pond Clean

The “Simple Science” of Keeping Your Memphis Pond Clean!

Any good Memphis pond owner knows the importance of a clean pond. However, not every pond owner knows how to ‘tackle the task’ of keeping it clean. Even if you don’t fully understand the importance and benefits of keeping a clean pond, at a minimum everyone enjoys the aesthetics of one. Keeping your Memphis pond clean doesn’t need to be a complicated chore, just follow our simple formula of tips to ensure a clean pond all season.

Overcrowding... Simple, Don't Do It!

Fish, like most animals, really thrive and enjoy life when they have space. If you have more than 10” of fish for every 100 gallons of water, your pond is likely over-populated. What’s the problem with crowded conditions? The excessive fish waste can cause an imbalance in the pond water and cause it to be polluted. If you do have too many gilled friends in your pond, consider finding some of them a new home. Honestly, they’ll thank you!

Beware of Excessive Feeding

It’s important to feed your fish a proper diet, but when you feed fish more than they can actually eat, it poses a big problem for the pond environment. Any uneaten food is left to decay in the pond. A good rule of thumb for feedings is once per day, and no more than they can eat in 2 to 3 minutes. We also recommend that you remove all excess food from the pond after each feeding.

Create the Ideal Environment

We love the organic look just as much as the next ‘pond person’, but too many plants are a problem. Sure, plants create a great visual interest to any pond but keep moderation in mind. At season’s peak, you should have no more than 40% to 60% of the surface area of your pond either covered or shaded by plants. When there are too many plants, it can cause oxygen deficiencies at night due to the photosynthetic process, when the plants take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Be mindful of plant growth as the the season surges on, and scale them back if they are exceeding the recommended percentage.

Size Matters... When Choosing the Right Pump

Size does matter when it comes to your Memphis pond pump. Pumps are not “one size fits all”, so you should make sure to have the required size for your specific pond. What’s the easiest way for finding the right size you need? The pond should be circulating the entire pond’s water volume a minimum of once every hour. You should also periodically make sure your pump’s flow isn’t restricted by any debris. Sticks, leaves and even excess food are known culprits that can lead to a blockage. Be careful not to pump water higher than it was intended. Every pump does have its own flow limitations.

Still unsure which pump is right for you? Simply refer to the chart on the outside of the pump’s box to make sure you’re making the right choice for your pond.

Proper Filtration is Paramount

The importance of selecting and installing the correct pump, is equally matched to the function of a pond’s filter. 
First, your filter should match the size of your pond. Remember, most manufacturers rate their filters based on ideal circumstances, so if you exceed those conditions, your filter becomes less effective. It’s always recommended that you go up a size, when installing your filter so that it can handle more than the capacity of your pond. 
Also it’s important to remember to clean your filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep Calm and Cool Down

The “lazy days” of summer are quickly approaching, so have a plan in place for keeping your pond “cool” when the temperatures start to rise.

Did you know when clean pond water exceeds 75º Fahrenheit, it has a more difficult time retaining acceptable levels of dissolved oxygen? It’s true and this is why it’s so important to have your pond shaded by aquatic plants (see tip #3). Just like all living things, fish need oxygen to survive. So when the pond heats up, oxygen levels drop and your fish are now stressed. If you do notice your fish at the pond’s surface gasping for air, add an aerator to help them during times of extreme heat.

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