Is My Pond Leaking

You wake up to a beautiful and sunny day in Memphis. The sun is out, the sky is without a cloud, and you step outside to admire your beautiful Memphis Pond.

To your surprise, you see that your pond water level is noticeably lower. Understandably, this is upsetting, and your next thought is that you must have a leak. The good news is, that isn’t necessarily the case, so don’t start to panic.

There are a few reasons for water levels to lower, most are simple explanations and quick fixes.
But if you are in fact facing a larger issue, we can help with that too.

So WHY is your pond losing water?

Losing water doesn’t always mean your Memphis pond is leaking. If your water level is dropping or “disappearing” the answer could very well be EVAPORATION. Depending on the temperature, humidity or the amount of sunlight your pond receives during the day, one to two inches of water could magically disappear each week.

Does your pond have a waterfall or stream rocks? Expect to lose water even faster.

Speaking of waterfalls and streams, SPLASHING is another cause of water loss. If water splashes off rocks in your stream or waterfall, make sure it falls inside your pond liner. Try to reposition the rocks to redirect the splash back into the pond.

Plants are a crucial part of any water garden, but that luscious GREENERY could be a culprit in your lower water levels. Thirsty plants soak up water very quickly. If you have an abundance of blooming plants, they could cause a drop in water levels. Keep a close eye on the rate the water level drops each days to determine if this is a possibility.

The Most Common Cause of Pond Leaks?

There is one cause that tends to be one we see more often than not, and that is LOW EDGES!
Did you just recently have your pond installed? If so, it’s not a surprise that you’re losing some water, as the soil is still settling. Look for wet areas in the surrounding soil or mulch as an indicator of a low edge. If you find a wet area, lift up the liner and add some dirt to hold it in the correct place. You might need to move some rocks around but it’s pretty simple task. Work your way around the pond to make sure you’ve addressed all the areas.

What To Do When It Really Is a Pond Leak?

Okay, so none of the items above seemed to be the correct diagnoses of the problem. You than may in fact have an actual pond leak. So what do you do next?

The first order of business is not to panic or stress, just turn off the pump. If you have fish in your pond, place an aerator in the pond to keep oxygen levels up.

Let your water feature sit for 24 hours to help isolate the problem. If the water level doesn’t change in the 24 hour time period, the issue isn’t with the pond, but with the stream or waterfall. If the water does continue to drop, let it keep going. Once it stops, you will have the answer of where the leak is located.

If your pond liner is old, or wasn’t a high grade liner to begin with, it might have developed holes. UV damage, shifting rocks or even animals can damage your liner. Unfortunately, liners do not last forever and it may need to be replaced. If it’s a newer liner, or only has a hole or two, patching it may be a possibility.

If you can’t find a leak, it may be the water feature’s mechanics. It’s time to examine the skimmer face plate to make sure it’s sealed correctly. The other option is that the plumbing is leaking and that’s something you want to address immediately.

When to Call the Pond Professionals?

There are times when a pond leak is something that a “handy homeowner” can address themselves. However, you may lack the time, experience or proper equipment to tackle the job. That’s where we can help!

Bigger problems like old or bad liners and plumbing issues are not repairs that you should be tackling yourself. We are always willing to work with you and give our professional opinions and assistance!

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