What You Need to Know About Your Pond Water

A pond can be a beautiful way to connect with nature right in your very yard. But, if a pond gets full of leaves and debris, it can look unattractive and be an eyesore. So, regular cleaning is necessary to keep your pond looking great. 

It can be tedious to scrape out fallen leaves and manage the algae and sludge naturally accumulating in a pond. Whether you maintain a pond you love or want to get your property looking pristine to sell, we can help you save time and effort with our cleaning services. We have 19 years of experience and, over that time, have learned lots of tips and tricks we want to share with you!


Why Does a Pond Need Maintenance?

Maintaining a healthy pond is all about balance. Every day the water in a pond will evaporate and leave behind solid materials that can harm plants and fish and clog up the filtration system. 

Too much of one thing will throw off the design of a pond, and the plants and animals won’t be happy. When the ecosystem is unbalanced, pond owners run into algae and green water problems.

Natural processes in a pond will help filter out pollutants, organic matter, salts, and silt. However, you can help your pond’s filtration system work at top speed with a bit of knowledge of how it works and the help of a professional. 


How Do You Know if the Water Needs to be Changed?

It can be hard to tell the difference between a well-balanced pond and a dirty one. However, some signs will help you know when to call in some help to clean up the pond.

When the pond water is murky, cloudy, or thick, there may be an overgrowth of algae and weeds. In addition, an abundance of muck can create a foul odor, which happens when debris like twigs, sticks, grass, and leaves settle on the bottom of the pond.

If you have fish swimming in your pond, it is a sign that the water is bad if they are belly-up. Pond owners who choose to have fish will need to pay extra close attention to the care of the water because fish waste can sink to the bottom of the pond and produce ammonia, which will kill fish.


What Can I Do For Regular Maintenance?

You can do simple and easy things to help keep your pond thriving. Assessing your pond daily or weekly will help ensure everything is running smoothly.

If you walk the perimeter of your pond and gather up sticks, twigs, leaves, or other debris that may affect the cleanliness of your pond, that will help your filtration system do its job without overloading it. Also, you will want to remove things from the surface of your pond and, if you can, the bottom of your pond. Use a net to get at the hard-to-reach things.


Taking care of your pond can be a calming and wholesome experience. If you do not have the time or know-how to do it, our staff will give your pond the care and attention it deserves.

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