Where Should You Put Your Pond?

You may already be thinking about putting a pond on your property because of the many benefits it provides. Not only does a pond create a pleasant environment for animals, but it also encourages people to spend more time outdoors, too. Getting fresh air and exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your health!

If you have a vision for what you want your backyard to look like, that is great! However, there are also some things to consider to put your pond in the best place possible. Here are four things you should consider when deciding on where to place your pond in order to keep it beautiful and healthy.


The best place to put your pond is where you can see it from your house or your deck. That way, you can check on it often and monitor any problems like leaks or dead plants and animals. Also, it is the best way to enjoy gazing at your pond every day!


If you haven’t already, observe where the sun shines in the morning and the afternoon in your yard. A pond with plants and animals will thrive best in a place where it can get morning sun and shade in the afternoon. This way, plants get the 5-6 hours they need sunlight but not too much. As a result, they can overheat and wither. 

A pond in full sun, all day, will increase the temperature of the water. Warmer temperatures make an ideal environment for algae, making the pond’s surface an unsightly green color and making it hard for other visually appealing plants to grow. 

If you don’t have any shade in your yard, don’t worry! There is an easy solution to provide some shade to help your pond stay clean. A shade sail or canopy over the area will help give the cooler temperatures and protection from the sun.


When leaves fall in your pond, they can sink to the bottom and create muck that is hard to clean and omits a nasty odor as it rots. Of course, the best place to put a pond would be away from deciduous trees or trees that drop their leaves in the fall. But, if the ideal spot is near a tree, there is a simple solution. It will just require a little more maintenance to clean the leaves from the surface of the water.


Low spots in your yard would not be an ideal place to put your pond because it could get flooded by heavy rain. Runoff from the yard and garden would also accumulate in a low spot, and that could harm the health of your pond. Instead, look for a flat area or one with a slope which would be an attractive place to put a waterfall.

With some careful planning and consideration, you will be able to find the ideal place for your new pond. In the long run, it will be a lot easier to install a pond once in the right place, than to install a pond in the wrong place and then have to relocate it.

Our experts at Midsouth Ponds have years of experience in helping plan and install backyard oases. In addition, once you have your dream pond set up, we can help with the maintenance and cleaning of your pond. 

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