Is A Swim Pond Right For Your Backyard?

Swim ponds are low maintenance, eco-friendly, and can be used all year round. However, there are some things to consider before installing one in your backyard.

Memphis, TN Clean Pond Water in Six Steps!

Step One Make ‘Plant Life’, the ‘Right Life’ with a proper balance of plants. At the peak of the season, your aquatic plants should cover no more than 40%- 60% of the surface area of your pond either covered or shaded by plants. Too many plants can cause oxygen deficiencies at night due to the […]

Four things to consider for your Memphis, TN Fish Pond

Before you dig your Memphis, TN Fish Pond, you need to do a decent amount of planning. Logistics are just as important as dreams when it comes to your beautiful water feature. We recommend considering these four things when planning your own Memphis, TN Fish Pond: Terrain Some water features just aren’t good matches for […]

Keep Your Cool When Your Memphis, TN Pond Gets Hot

What’s My Fish Feeling? Cooler water can hold large amounts of oxygen, that is not the case for warm water, as it holds less oxygen. As the warmer weather approaches, and spring thawing has already occurred, your fish become more active. Increased activity means the fish require more oxygen when unfortunately, less oxygen is available […]

How to Keep Your Memphis, TN Pond Clean

The “Simple Science” of Keeping Your Memphis Pond Clean! Any good Memphis pond owner knows the importance of a clean pond. However, not every pond owner knows how to ‘tackle the task’ of keeping it clean. Even if you don’t fully understand the importance and benefits of keeping a clean pond, at a minimum everyone […]